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Ridiculous Catapult Simulator

Wacky physics deck-builder. Shoot everyday objects to defend your castle from enemy waves. Discover powerful combos or create pure chaos - the choice is yours!

The Invisible Fist

Create a billion-dollar startup, try to pay off your student loans or wait in the line for Food Stamps... And fight the Invisible Fist of the Free Market in this Late Capitalism Card Game!

Codename "Loophole"

Our 3rd project. We can't wait to tell you more about it! For now, the codename "Project Loophole" must suffice.

About us

Failcore Games. Play different.

Failcore is an international game development studio with remote employees working worldwide. Our first game began as a joke over lunch (Invisible Fist). Our second game is a multiplatform eye-candy deck builder sandbox made together with All In! Games (Ridiculous Catapult Simulator). If that's how we've evolved during their first 2 years as a company, imagine what we will do next.

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